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Bhagavan Das is 74 years of age now and has entered the final chapter of his  journey here on earth. He has been blessed with the Love and Support of  Amulya Maa as they co-create a Legacy to both uplevel and carry on his  teachings and her healing work. Their vision is to create videos and write books together in addition to their live sessions, kirtans, teachings, healings and retreat offerings. Your Donation is very much appreciated and will allow them to spend more time creating and giving of themselves for the benefit of all sentient beings. Thank you! ~ OM MANI PADME HUM ~

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A few words from Bhagavan Das + Amulya Maa

We are sending our LOVE & PRAYERS to all sentient beings. It is a  challenging time on earth. Please join us in practicing genuine  COMPASSION for all. It is an inside job to purify ourselves and  cultivate a deep sense of responsibility and tender loving care as we  walk through our lives. We practice this both through daily sadhana and  also by bringing mindfulness (Heart-full-ness) to each of our thoughts,  words and actions all day long, with ourselves and with whomever we  meet. Life is Precious and it is a great blessing to have a human birth.  There is no time to waste. Begin it now. Thank you for awakening the  LOVE that you are.


Baba + Amulya Maa

Bhavantu Sarva Mangalam.

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~ LOVE is the Strongest Medicine ~

Sri Sri Sri 1008 Sri Neem Karoli Baba Santa Guru Maharaj ki - Jai!